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Capuchin social and Developmental Action Service Society (CAPS+DASS) is a charitable Trust registered at Kannur with 290/97 as its number of registration. Its registered office is at Sevasram, Melechovva, Kannur – 670 006. It is managed by a Board of Trustees. The members of the Board are persons who have been working together in the field of social, charitable and humanitarian activities in Kannur town and district for quite some years now. The Trust proposes to undertake various social and welfare activities aimed at improving the living conditions and the general welfare of the weaker sections of the society irrespective of Caste, Creed and Community. The Trust is registered on 8th December, 1997 at Kannur.

To alleviate the sufferings of those of our sisters and brothers who are pushed to the extreme situations of rejection and abandonment are our priority. Our most fundamental inspiration is Jesus Christ, our basic approach is selfless love and our option is for humanity. When we serve the least, the last and the lost of our Sisters and Brothers, we are convinced that we are serving God Himself.

Thinking on these lines has inspired us to start Prathyasa Bhavan, Amala Bhavan, Jeevodaya and Bala Bhavan at Mele Chovva, and Caps. Centre and St. Francis School at Thottada and Caps. Hostel at Sreekandapuram; and a mobile campaign against Substance abuse and AIDS.

1. Prathyasa Bhavan

It is a Home for Homeless men. We started it on 28th January, 1995. It had its beginnings in an old building at Pallikunnu with 44 men who were destitute and had no traceable relatives etc. They used to spend the day begging for food and other needs and the nights at the Railway Station or other public places or shop corridors or similar places.

By the middle of 1999 we shifted Prathyasa Bhavan to Ros Garden at Melechovva. Today we have around 175 inmates at Prathyasa Bhavan at Pathiriparamba, Melechovva. We, the Capuchins, with the help of Clarist sisters and other volunteers take care of these brothers as best as we can. Dr. Roy Pulickan is in charge of their medical treatment.

2. Amala Bhavan

It was on May 27th , 1997 that we started Amala Bhavan in an old house at Pallikunnu with 30 destitute women and a few little children. They came from inhuman situations and after having suffered untold exploitation for several years. We accommodated them in this house until 5th December 2001. Then they were shifted to a new building in Pathiriparamba at Melechovva. Now there are over 80 women under the good care of Clarist sisters and volunteers.

3. St. Francis Bala Bhavan

Ever since we started Amala Bhavan we had under our care a few little babies, abandoned by their parents. Gradually the number increased. We felt the need of shifting them to a house where we could provide an atmosphere suited for their age and needs of schooling etc. Thus we started St. Francis Home for Children. Today the Bala Bhavan has 15 girls and boys and little children. 3 of them are going to primary school and 3 to nursery school.

4. Jeevodaya

Already in September 1997 we had requests to provide a place for abandoned victims of AIDS. It took a few months until we were able to say Yes to them. By the middle of December, 1997, we provided hospitality to an HIV infected man at Sevasram. Gradually their number increased to six. Later, towards the end of 1999, we shifted Jeevodaya to a newly constructed building adjacent to Prathyasa Bhavan at Melechovva. Today we are able to accommodate 25-30 victims of AIDS including women and men. We are trying to provide them whatever care and medical help possible in the given situation.

5. CAPS. Centers & St. Francis School

We run CAPS Centre at Thottada to provide some rooms for rent for shops and more rooms for students and others as a hostel. For the past two years we are running a small school at Thottada.