Personal Solidarity

USA Province


As part of the Personnel Solidarity with Calvary Province, USA, Brs George Valiapadath and Jose Nirappil were sent to USA. I am very glad to hear that they do excellently well in various ministies. Recently Br. Biju Kochunirath too joined them as part of personnal solidarity. He does ministry in a seminary.  

German Province


Br Jose is serving at Ingolstadt house in Germany. It is a unique venture. We have no formal contract made with the province. As per the request of the provincial of Baveria, Br Joseph Mittermaier, Br Jose was set free to serve the community at Ingolstadt as they had no sufficient friars to take up the task entrusted to the capuchins by the Diocese of Ingolstadt. Later Br Christopherus had again made another request to enter into a contract regarding the house at Ingolstadt in the pattern of second model of solidarity namely a province takes up the responsibility of an individual house within another jurisdiction. The province has given its positive response after taking into consideration all the aspects of the issue and in consultation with Br Jose. There came another request from the province for a second friar from our province to help Br Jose and Br SabuPurayidam expressed his readiness to serve the community. Now Br Charles John Tharayil is getting ready to join the community as the third friar.