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Fraternal regards of Peace and Joy from Pavanatma Provincialate, Kannur

Dear Brothers,

I, Br. Thomas Karingadayil OFM Cap., Provincial Minister of Pavanatma Capuchin Province, in accordance with our Constitutions number 129/2 and with the permission of General Minister and his Council (Prot. No. 00765/18) together with the consent of the Provincial Council announce and convoke the 3rd Ordinary Provincial Chapter of our Province to be convened at Vimalagiri Renewal Centre, Pattaram, Iritty. The Chapter will begin at 9.00 AM on 29th April (Monday) and will conclude at 4 PM on 3rd May (Friday) 2019. All the brothers in perpetual vows are bound to attend the Chapter (Const. 130/3). The chapter will be presided over by Br. John Baptist Palliparambil.

The Provincial Council appoints the following brothers as members of the Agenda Commision:

Br. Geogy Perumpettikunnel (Convener)

Br. John Joseph Edatt

Br. Sebastian Mathew Manakkattu

Kindly forward your valuable points for the Agenda to any of these brothers on or before 20th February 2019.

Br. General wishes us a peaceful chapter and writes, “It is my prayer that the friars of the Province may proceed toward this assembly in joy and peace. May the clear light of the Holy Spirit illumine your minds that you may see the possibilities presented to you by God’s grace and find the courage to respond generously.” I too request your valuable prayers so that we will rightly be guided by the Holy Spirit to celebrate together a fruitful Chapter. 

Wishing you every blessings in this New Year


Br. Thomas Karingadayil OFM Cap

Provincial Minister